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 The Healing Power of Touch

Date to be Announced


Date to be Announced



Date to be Announced 

7th Biodanza Holiday 
Arillas Tribe in Corfu

Honouring Our Magnificent Essence
Abundant and Joyful Living
1-8 September 2020 

Impression of Biodanza Tribal Gathering Winterswijk, Netherlands



IBF Rolando Toro School of Biodanza
UK Director: Antoinette Lorraine 

Biodanza Professional Teacher Training
Teacher Training Places Available


Biodanza in the world 

As a human development system, currently Biodanza is used in many countries in health care facilities, social services, education and business. It is recognized as a human technology with numerous applications and possibilities ranging from their use as promotional activity towards health and wellness, therapy and clinical intervention, as well as a method of social action.

Biodanza in UK 

The educational, therapeutic and social effects have been so obvious that more and more people seek Biodanza, from the point of view of human development in regular groups, either from a professional point of view completing their careers - teachers, nurses, doctors, therapists , psychologists - or starting a new career, the Biodanza facilitator. 


The IBF Rolando Toro School of Biodanza is dedicated to train Biodanza teachers according to the theoretical model created by Rolando Toro Araneda. The school also promotes Biodanza in schools, universities and institutions as a human development system and also promotes social/clinical work using Biodanza. Our school is committed to: develop global human potential teaching art and science (Biodanza) in joy and to learn by experience and to discover the world and transform it - to confront the needs and challenges of the complex times in which we live . To accelerate and stimulate talent, and innovate and motivate students to be lovers of life, unique and creative, passionate and intelligently affective. It is an Education for Life, for affection and learning to be happy. 

Training Programme 

The training course in Biodanza has a minimum duration of three years, consisting of 28 modules, and also conferences and seminars related to the theoretical basis with the Biodanza system, a resume/report on the theme of each module, supervisions in the third year, and a monography presentation at graduation. Each module is theoretical and experiential and with a training manual by Rolando Toro Araneda. 

 1. Theoretical Studies Is the study of theory of Biodanza and its foundations in relation to the life sciences. Theoretical subjects are offered in the order indicated in the Single Programme Teacher Training of Biodanza. The student must present in successive modules, a brief resume/report of each particular module. The goal is to train students to correctly express the theoretical concepts of Biodanza through their own speech/expression.

2. Conference The conferences/seminars will be held at intervals throughout the course and may be presented by a group of students. 

 3. Deepening Experiential Deepening experiential individually and in groups (Biodanza workshops). During the training modules will be given great importance to the relationship between the experiences and theoretical issues discussed. It is very important that the student participates , in parallel, in a weekly group of Biodanza to deepen experiences. Where there is no weekly Biodanza teacher it is recommended that the student attend experiential (workshops) events as often as possible. 

 4. Methodology The unique Biodanza Training Programme contains seven modules of methodology. The goal of methodology modules is that the student in training is equipped to perform their task. 

 5. Supervised Classes Practical experience presenting weekly groups of Biodanza under the supervision of a Didactic teacher of Biodanza, with a minimum of 8 supervision classes . Supervision can only begin with the School Director's permission. 

 6. Social Action Students can optionally perform, under supervision, social action in the population using Biodanza ie: various groups and institutions, retirement groups, child protection etc 

 7. Monograph The student will prepare a monography/thesis on a theoretical or practical aspect of Biodanza. The monograph will be carried out with guidance of a Didactic Teacher 

 8. Graduation It is the submission of the thesis/monography before a panel of Didactic Teachers and will be organised by the School of Biodanza in which the student belongs. This event will be open to the public. When the monography is approved the student will have completed their training and can teach Biodanza. 

 9. Diploma Teacher of Biodanza For the teaching Diploma degree all stages of the training programme will have been completed by the student and the student will enrol with the International Biocentric Foundation that will provide Professional Registration. 


1. Definition of Biodanza and Theoretical Model 
2. Vital Unconscious and Biocentric Principle 
3. The Vivencia 
4. Biological Basis of Biodanza 
5. Physiological Aspects of Biodanza 
6. Psychological Aspects of Biodanza 
7. Mythical and Philosophical antecedents of Biodanza 
8. Identity and Integration 
9. Trance and Regression 
10. Contact and Caresses 
11. Human Movement 
12. Vitality 
13. Sexuality 
14. Creativity 
15. Affectivity 
16. Transcendence 
17. Mechanisms of action of Biodanza 
18. Social Action
19. Applications and Extensions of Biodanza 
20. Biodanza Ars Magna 
21. The Music of Biodanza 
22. Methodology 1: Musical Semantics & the Music in Biodanza 
23. Methodology II: The Biodanza Class (I) 
24. Methodology III: The Biodanza Class (II) 
25. Methodology IV: Regular Group and Weekend Classes 
26. Methodology V: The Group of Biodanza 
27. Methodology VI: Evaluation of the evolution within Biodanza 
28. Methodology VII: Review of the list of Basic Dances, Exercises and Music  


 The Seven Powers of Biodanza 

1. The power of music 
2. The power of the movement integration 
3. The power of experiential method 
4. The power of the group 
5. The power of touch 
6. The power of trance and regression 
7. The power of the expansion of consciousness 




St Werburghs Primrary School 
Willows Site, Main Hall, 
James Street, 
St Werburghs, 
BS2 9US 


Saturday 12-7pm 
Sunday 10am-5pm 

School Weekend : £125 
School yearly membership: £35
Visitors Welcome: £110


Please ask about accommodation 


Biodanza Holidays

Biodanza & Yoga Retreat
Date to be confirmed


Biodanza Aquatica  
Trances of Sublime Pleasure

Date to be announced


Biodanza 3rd Social Forum

The Power of Love
Date to be confirmed


Minotaur Project

Date to be Announced

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